Grilled drief beef

A bite of selected meat, dehydrated, grilled, accompanied by pico de gallo and lemon. $325

Chicharrón de Rib Eye

Rib-eye pieces seasoned with house spices, fried to the point of pork rinds. $ 521

Grilled sausage


Grilled sweetbread

Spiced and roasted beef gizzards to the coal.Served in hot dish. $389


Avocado dip with corn chips. $144

Coahuila cheese

Grilled fresh cheese, with olive oil, garlic and chili pepper. $189

Melted cheese

With chorizo. $179


Processed corn cheese crisps filled with cheese in “drunken” sauce and sour cream. $129

milk goat’s head

Steamed and passed through the embers. A true delight! $353


Milk goat’s liver, heart & lungs. (Subject to availability) $427

Machito al albañil

(Subject to availability). $530

Milk Goat´s brains with butter