Top Sirlon Angus 1.150 kg

(Serves 3) Certified Angus meat goes through the most rigid quality standards. The cattle must be Angus breed and have the degree of maturation “A”, that is, young cattle. In addition, marbling it must be USDA Choice or Prime Choice. $1,180


1.2 kgs. (Serves 3) Top of the hip, classic Brazilian cut, very soft and juicy meat. $1,159

Fajita de Diezmillo por kilo

(Serves 3) 1kg. of our regional beef cut. $699

1 Grilled chicken


Arrachera importada por kilo

One kilo of fajitas in-side. $1,050

Costilla Norteña por kilo

(Serves 2) Regional beef cut. $819