Tacos San Juan

(4) Milk goat and guacamole tacos, wrapped and fried. $295

Palomas de Cabrito

(5) Flour tortilla tacos stuffed with stewed milk goat, garnished with nopalito and panela cheese. $285

Tacos Norteños

(4) Tacos of stewed chop chicken with pico de gallo, sided with lettuce, tomato and onion. $195

Tacos de cabeza

(5) Milk goat cheek and neck tacos. $315

Taquitos light

(4) Enchilada stuffed with a mixture of panela and goat cheeses, covered with green sauce, onion and egg whites Nopalito. $165

Enchiladas de la Sierra de Arteaga

(4) Chicken tacos covered with green sauce with refried beans, rice and salad. $199

Tacos de Sirloin Angus

(4) Chopped grilled sirloin tacos. $255

Tacos de Arrachera

(4) Chopped grilled flank steak in freshly made corn tortillas. $295

Dobladitas de chicharrón